Natural Surroundings

Woodlake Point residents have easy access to Wood Lake Nature Center and Richfield Lake.

Wood Lake Nature Center


“Wood Lake was once a recreational lake, surrounded by homes, but much of its water drained in the 1950’s. In 1969, the Richfield City Council approved the conversion of Wood Lake into a nature center.

The City of Richfield has supported Wood Lake Nature Center for over 30 years. Wood Lake – dedicated as the first municipal nature center in 1971 – was one of the first nature centers built in the Twin Cities.”
Source: City of Richfield

Wood Lake Nature Center is a couple blocks away and is open year round. It offers classes, book clubs, and volunteer opportunities.

Richfield Lake

Richfield Lake is right outside the door. It is ideal for quiet walks amid a bustling urban area.


Many of the Woodlake Point homes overlook Richfield Lake. Watching the changing seasons is one of the delights of living so close to this nature preserve.

Homes that overlook Richfield Lake may be considered “lake front properties!”